We Buy and sell Antique and Vintage Jewellery




Our Credentials and Expertise

We have been an established family run business for over 40 years, collectively we have over 100 years experience in buying and selling quality antiques and jewellery across the world. We invite you to compare our credentials and experience against any other jewellery buying concern in the world today.


What Makes Us Different ?

Unlike the vast majority of antique and jewellery websites, we offer a free online jewellery appraisal service, simply email us a few images along with any relevant information and we will determine to ascertain the identity and value of the item(s) for you. Hattons Antiques also buys directly from the end user, we can simply offer to buy your item(s) outright or alternatively showcase your item(s) on our website with no commission fees to pay. We have many loyal customers who visit us daily to view our latest acquisitions. We can assure our clients that we always strive to obtain you the best possible prices for your antiques and jewellery.




Direct Sale

You can simply email us pictures of your items along with any other information such as diamond certificates and appraisals, we will then hazard an estimate as to its value. However before we can determine the amount we are willing to pay, we must of course see the items in person first. We regularly hold buying days across the UK, where clients can obtain an on the spot valuation and choose to sell if they wish. To find out when and where we are next browse our Events Page.

Alternatively you may send your item(s) to us by either registered insured mail or by an alternative, insured method. For very high value pieces or large collections we can arrange to visit you at your home, business or bank vault. After arriving at a mutually agreeable price, we will simply send you a check, cashiers check, bank transfer or any other payment method, which you may prefer.




Alternatively if you wish to showcase your piece(s) on our hugely popular website. we will require 60 days minimum to photograph, catalogue, and market your jewellery to our world-wide loyal and varied clientele and customer base. You can expect to receive about 20% to 33% more than a direct sale price, this is your Showcase price.

* Your Showcase price is established at time of showcase agreement, not upon sale.
* No Commission Fees.
* No Insurance Fees.
* No Photography Fees.
* No Marketing Fees.
* No "Fine Print" Conditions.
* You remain the owner of the property until sold.


How Long Does It Take ?

We can usually offer our best hunch based on our combined lifetimes of jewellery experience. Our clientele is every bit as varied and diverse as our collection of fine antique and estate jewellery. A showcasee may make the decision at anytime to opt for a direct sale.




This list is by no means complete, if there are any other items of antique jewellery you may be looking for or deem as something we may be interested in, please feel free to contact us. We are also always delighted to provide additional images and detailed condition reports for any of our vintage & antique jewellery displayed.


Gold & Silver

We buy all types of gold and silver, from antique to modern day items. We also buy whole collections of gold and silver pieces as well as single items, Including Gold and Silver coins such as SovereignsKrugerrands and Koronas. We purchase any pre-1947 silver pre-decimal coins, such as Shillings, Half Crowns and Florins to name but a few. We also offer a scrap gold service where you can obtain instant cash for your broken chains and unwanted scrap gold. Use our Instant Scrap Gold Calculator below to see how much your scrap gold is worth today. Gold prices are updated daily. Please scroll back down the page after getting quote to see the result.





We pride ourselves in specializing in both older cut and modern diamonds, white to fancy colored diamonds. We guarantee our prices are competitive world prices for antique diamonds, old mine diamonds, European cut diamonds and rose cut diamonds – especially in their original settings. Vintage engagement rings are more in demand today than ever before.


Precious Gemstones

We buy Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies and Natural and Cultured Pearls and Fine Jade and almost every other colored gemstone, providing they are of fine quality or an element of a fine piece of jewellery. Please check out the Jewellery portion of our main website to give you an idea of what we buy and sell.


Antique and Estate Jewellery

We buy fine jewellery from every important design period; from 19th century Georgian and Victorian Jewelry; 20th century Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewellery all the way through the fabulously stylish 40's and 50's up to the present day.


Object D'Art

We acknowledge that there will be some signs of wear on antique and estate jewellery. Jewellery in flawless condition is a rare commodity and therefore demands a higher value, just as where jewellery with apparent alterations and restoration can detract from the value. Repairs can also result in devaluation as well.


We hope this brief explanation in selling your antique jewellery, estate jewellery, antique engagement rings, diamonds and gemstones has been helpful. We are keen purchasers of single items and entire collections. We are always available to answer your specific questions and we look forward to working with you soon.




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